Nature News & Views, 01 July 2010: X-ray laser peels and cores atoms.

Nature Article on SLAC FEL: 01 July 2010 Femtosecond electronic response of atoms to ultra-intense X-rays

The first issue of the Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics contains an article about diffractive imaging: Thibault & Elser Review

Mathematica notebooks for phase retrieval experiments. First evaluate all the functions in the "definitions.nb" file, then generate a problem instance with "setup.nb", and finally solve the problem with "recon.nb".

Loudon: Quantum Theory of Light

A. Emmanouilidou , A. Staudte, and P. B. Corkum , Time-resolving intra-atomic two-electron collision dynamics, arXiv:1003.1593 (2010): PDF-file: