Structure from Angular Correlations of Scattered Intensities

D. K. Saldin
Department of Physics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

We will discuss how the study of angular correlations between scattered
intensities opens up new possibilities for the structure determination of
particles, such as molecules, from scattering by ensembles in which they
may be in random orientations and in random relative positions, such as in
natural biological environments, e.g. in cell membranes or in liquid solution.
Scattering by an ensemble of particles may also allow the dose on each individual
particle to be kept below the damage threshold, possibly allowing the pump-probe
study of ultrafast structural changes, such as those involved in chemical reactions.
We will also examine how even partial alignment of the particles may assist structure
solution, and discuss prospects for the use of such methods for proposed experiments
at new light sources, such as free-electron lasers.