Time-resolving intra-atomic two-electron collision dynamics

Agapi Emmanouilidou

We present a completely new idea of how to time-resolve the dynamics
of two electrons as they escape to the continuum [1]. Our study is a
theoretical one in the framework of classical and semiclassical
physics. However, it is at the same time a numerical experiment taking
into account realistic laser pulses. To our knowledge, this is the
first time an attosecond streak camera for two electrons is
formulated. The current state of the art is the attosecond streak
camera with one continuum electron. Our two electron streak camera
can be extended to a variety of processes concerned with deep core
electron dynamics. In addition, we expect that it will be applied to
time-resolve many electron dynamics in atomic and molecular systems,
problems which are at the forefront of Attosecond Science.
[1] A. Emmanouilidou, A. Staudte, P. Corkum (submitted 2010)